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Work life balance,
on your own terms.

Heron is a different type of productivity app. It keeps you focused on the two things that matter most: growing your business and maintaining your personal well-being.

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Manage Stress

While you build the business you want, we teach you to maintain your well-being with our KIWIs (Key Wellness Indicators).

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Real Motivation

We connect you with a coach and like-minded members for accountability, support, and mutual learning.

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See Your Progress

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) help you focus your effort to actually get the results you want. It’s time to get unstuck.

What our users say:

“Heron is a tool that will help you make your dreams come true. It cuts through the chaos of our mind and makes things clear. But what's really special about it is that it's not just an app, its a connection with another human that thinks with you about what's best. Love it and definitely recommend it for any small business owner!”

Alexandra Pekacka

Owner @EmpoweringDecor

"I was struggling to grow my art business, had little time to devote to it after COVID 19 hit (kids home etc), and was feeling overwhelmed. Heron stepped in and helped me take small actionable steps to move the needle forward and stay focused. Now my website is finally in a better place, I'm making important connections and have become consistent building my social media presence."

Kurtis Brand

Owner @KurtisBrand

"I was in need of process and discipline as I scaled up my consulting business. Heron offered both! Here direct coaching led me to clear goals and deliverables, and the online tools that Heron provides brought much needed precision and accountability."

Holly Woodbury


“Heron was exactly what I needed to keep me on track for the launch of my perfume.  It helped me unclutter all my ideas, gave me a clear path to prioritize my to do’s and helped me stay on track to achieve my goal. 

As entrepreneurs, sometimes we feel pulled in a million directions and at a loss of where to even start.  Heron is amazing at putting together the pieces of what sometimes feel like an impossible puzzle”

Helida Dodd

Owner @MarbellaPerfumes

“Heron gives me a single process for business results and the rest of my life because personal balance is very important. So, it is not just about business but also about your personal life. It helps me to refocus every week on what truly matters because as an entrepreneur you have a lot of things around the table and to refocus every week helps me a lot.”

Angel Maria Herrera

Entrepreneur @angelmariaherrera

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Manage stress with your Key Wellness Indicators

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Stick to a few priorities every week

Share your goals with your coach

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Turn your ideas into strategic goals

Stay on track with key results

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