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Our secret to business results is combining OKRs with human accountability and KIWIs.

A week with Heron

In 10 minutes, you will gain clarity for the entire week.

Every Monday know your progress on your objective and key wellness status.

Accountability FAQ

How many accountability partners do I have?

When you choose Flock Mode you will have two partners: one of them will read your check-in every week and comment accordingly. You will do the same for your other partner.

Can I choose my partners?

Most people prefer to work with someone that they don’t know. If you are coming with a partner and you’d like to work together, let us know at Otherwise we will match you.

How do you assign partners?

When matching partners we consider the similarity of their objectives and interests and their level of expertise with OKRs. We prefer to be held accountable by folks with more experience.

One of my partners is not engaging. What do I do?

The first step is reaching out to your partner. If you are not hearing back from them, send us an email to

How much time does it take to check-in with your partners?

This is at most 10 minutes. We ask herons to spend 5 minutes looking at their partners submission and reflecting on where they are against their objectives. Then, every so often, you will also send your partner an email or reminder if their submission is missing. See our best practices for more information on expectations.

Download Our Accountability Partner Checklist

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