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Zero Effort

Manage stress using the habits you already have in place.

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It takes only 3 minutes once a week to prevent burnout.

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Kiwis are crafted by you to make well-informed choices about your lifestyle and no one else's.

What are KIWIs?

A Key Wellness Indicators is a personal routine that is already part of our everyday life. Kiwis show us when we are losing our work life balance so we can adjust before we hit the wall.

  • Call parents / grandparents / etc. on Sunday
  • Call one friend every week
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  • Read bedtime stories 3X a week
  • One outing with partner without kids
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  • Gym 2X a week / 3 walks after dinner
  • Make a homemade dinner X times a week / Every Sunday / etc.
  • 7 hrs average sleep
  • 65 bpm resting heart beat
  • Drink 1 gallon of water/day
  • No more than 5 glasses of wine
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  • Out of bed before 9 am everyday
  • Go to bed before 11 pm everyday
  • Meditate 3X a week
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Inescapable chores
  • Expenses report is up to date
  • Clean the apartment
  • Grading is up to date
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  • Not working on the weekends
  • Not working after dinner
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How it works

Once a week we track our three key wellness indicators or kiwis .

When we see that one of our kiwis is falling off balance, we have the rest of the week to bring it back to green.

Other wellbeing solutions asks us to develop new habits. Kiwis are easy because they are habits or experiences that we already have.

It is so simple that it works.

What our users say:

Kiwis are easy inputs (three clicks and done) and for me, I feel like I don't know that I'm about to "hit the wall" until it's happening. (Not a great situation!) I use KIWIs as a canary in the coal mine to detect potential issues.

Jessica L

Adopting kiwis at Meta

Tracking my kiwis has allowed me not to forget about what’s really important. I can’t really achieve everything I want if my health and  well being are compromised.

Paying attention to things that bring joy to my life keeps me on track to achieve my goals.

Helida Dodd

Owner @MarbellaPerfumes

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Manage stress, effortlessly